The Social Cogntion lab (Wood)

Welcome to the Social Cognition Lab, based at Abertay University. Social Cognition is the study of how humans, and other animals, process information about their social world. This includes how they catergorise and view social partners, but also how others affect out thoughts, feeling and behaviours.

Current projects

Social learning biases in younch children and primates: Humans and other animals are selective in who and what they copy. What causes this selection bias? We are currently exploring species and developmental differences in social learning abilities. Please see Wood et al., (2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 for more information).

Development of Gender Stereotypes and accompanying Social Influence: Children’s knowledge of gender stereotypes emerges in infancy and steadily increase thgouhghout childhood. Stereotypes cab influence individual choices concerning educaiton and careers. We are exploring developmental patterns conerning gender stereotypes and the impact these have on children’s learning, educational and career pathways.

Children’s Understanding of Cybersecurity: Children have increasing access to smart devices in home and at school. However, cybersecurity skill development is still poorly understood, and does not align with identified areas of cognitive development (e.g., understanding privacy). We are exploring the cognitive skills that unerpin cbersecurity skill development. This includes a studentship funded by the Northwood Trust.